Sunday, May 08, 2005

Eden Project, Cornwall

The Eden Project is set amongst the china clay country just East of St Austell - the major clay-mining town.

When this picture was taken (presumably before 1999) the site was still a crater of of clay and dirt. Since then vast 'football shaped' domes, called biomes, have bubbled out of the bottom of the crater.

The largest dome is around 200m long, 100m wide and 57m high. However, even though it's the largest greenhouse in the world, it is hidden from view in a 60m deep crater the area of 35 football pitches. Just like bees make their honeycombs, the domes are made of hexagons - 625 in total, each up to 11m wide, covered in 3 layers of transparent foil - inflated to make lightweight, triple-glazed pillows.

We will keep checking on Multimap to see when new photography arrives showing these beautiful creations.

Eden Project Aerial Photograph

Plants of Eden (Eden Project)


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